My Cherished Rabboni

My cherished Rabboni, it is sweet to kneel here in Your presence. It is a joy to know that Your dear eyes are resting upon me, that no part of my soul is hidden from You, that every aspiration, every longing, every desire is known to You.

What do You think of my soul, my dearest Lord?

Does it reflect a little of Your beauty?

Does it seem to be ridding itself of the marks of sin?

Is there anything to which I cling that prevents Your grace from working freely therein?

There are times when I think I am rather free from scar and stain, that my battles have left but glory in their train; and then again as I kneel at Your dear feet, sweet Lord, a consciousness of Your great purity pours in upon me and my poor bedraggled soul looks as though no ray of light had ever broken in upon it, as though my cherished Rabboni had never taken shelter within its gloomy depths.

How long it takes, beloved Lord, to polish and refine this dwelling place of my beloved King!

But even this, sweet Lord, cannot make me sad, for I know that You are working daily in my soul. I know that each time You come to my soul, You take away some defect and purify me of some stain. I know too the day will come when I shall be pure and pleasing in Your sight.

I long so to be a storehouse from which others may draw the strength and encouragement to reach You.

I yearn to be filled with peace so full, that it may overflow into the hearts of others.

I pray that every one who comes near me may be attracted to You, my cherished Rabboni.

I know there is much to be given away, my darling Lord, before peace takes up her abode in the soul, I know that I must not reach out in desire for those things which destroy peace, I know that I must not seek honor, praise, consideration, preference, but that I must bend all my energy to give honor, praise, consideration, and preference to others.

My dear King, I am willing to give up everything, I am willing to sacrifice every satisfaction to win peace, I want to empty my heart of every self-seeking in order that peace and love and strength may enter.

O my cherished Rabboni, let me be Your little servant giving out these precious gifts to all whom You send along my pathway. Let me overflow with peace, overflow into the troubled hearts of others. Let me pour love into the sad and lonely hearts in the world. Let me strengthen the weak wills and steady the steps of Your wayward children.

O dearest King, take me and use me as You will. Give me nothing that this world treasures. Pay no heed to the dryness of my poor timid nature, but let me by Your tool, Your lowly humble tool, happy to be used by my cherished Rabboni in His fashioning of souls for His Mansion of eternal joy and peace unending.


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