My Friend, My Counsellor, My King

My divine Lord, I adore You here before me in the Tabernacle, I love You and know that You Love me and are pleased that I have come to speak to You.

I love to come and kneel at Your sacred feet. I love to tell You how much I long to resemble You in Your kindness and goodness and truth.

Dearest Lord, grant that I may love You with a love that will keep me ever mindful of the higher things of life, with a love that will make me go about my duties with a cheerfulness and graciousness that will bring joy to the hearts of others, with a love that will help me to carry my cross with nobility and dignity, as one would carry some precious treasure.

Grant, my dearest Friend, that I may find comfort in drawing near to You, that each time my heart rests near Yours, it may become more tender, more patient, more generous.

Sweet King, grant that some of Your beautiful spirit may penetrate into the very marrow of my bones, that my thoughts may become broad and noble, my words pure and gentle, my actions dignified and gracious, my aspirations Godward, my will strong and determined.

Dear Counsellor of my soul, make known to me just what You would have me do and say and think, so that each day I may become better, each day less selfish, each day more like to the Heart of my Friend, my Counsellor, and my King.

O my own sweet Lord; change me; work in me; take away from me

All that pains You, all that is a disappointment to You, all that keeps me from becoming the strong and noble person that I long to be.

Take my heart, my King, my gracious Lord, and give me Yours that I, like You, may go about doing good and making others happy. Work so freely in me, divine Master, that Your presence in me may attract others to follow after You and may they find virtue the most engrossing interest in life, and the practice of goodness a source of joy and satisfaction.

Good-bye, my divine and cherished King, I am going out into the world now. I wonder will anyone feel that I come from You? That I have been close, quite close to Sanctity? That I have been speaking to the greatest and tenderest of Friends? That I have been listening to the kindest and wisest of Counsellors?

I do hope some one will feel it, dearest Lord. I should be disappointed to know that I had none of the frangrace of the Tabernacle about me, for You know, divinest Lord, that I want people to know that I am Your little slave, Your willing tool, Your servant, and Your child. But, sweet Master, how can they know this unless there is some mark upon me, unless something in me makes them think of You?

I shall begin by being kind to everyone, so kind that those who see me will wonder where I learned it and will watch and find that I come daily to visit You, my King, and they will guess the secret, and will come to You themselves. Then I shall be Your little conquerer too, conquering souls and leading them gently to Your Feet.

Good-bye once more, my tender, loving Lord, I shall come to You again tomorrow. Now I am going out to work for You by thinking of You, loving You, and smiling for You, my tender Friend, my patient Counsellor, my great and wondrous King.


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Cincinnati, Ohio: Ursuline Nuns, 1920. Nihil Obstat
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