My Beloved Guide And Master

“Come and rest awhile, my child, away from the noise and tumult of the world. Come and rest with Me. Alone together let us talk over the needs of your dear soul, the aspirations of your heart.”

I hear You speak to me, my dearest Guide and Master, from out of the depths of Your much-loved Tabernacle.

Prostrate before You, my cherished Guide, I humbly beg the grace to pass these few days of prayer in all reverence, recollection and love.

Divine Master, throw upon my heart the search-light of Your all-seeing eye that I many know the weaknesses that have made my life imperfect in Your sight, that I may see the spots of leprosy that so disfigure me and the ravages of the worm of pride that have gnawed into the fabric of my soul.

What has been the influence of others upon me? What has been my influence upon them?

As I look back over my life, I see it full of pleasures, or perhaps laden with disappointments, worries, sorrows and annoyances. A full life indeed!

In Your eyes, has it been full, beloved Master? This is the point, this is the only point worthy of consideration.

Have these pleasures so weighed down my heart as to make it difficult for me to lift it to higher things? Have they so dulled my mind as to make me blind to my greater duties? Have they so vitiated my taste as to leave me no relish for Holy Communion?

Or if my life has felt the pressure of the Cross, if trials have beset my path, have these burdens embittered me? Have they weakened me? Have they led me to seek comfort in more distraction, in the pleasures of the world?

The world can never sweeten the bitterness of the Cross. The world can never smooth the edge of trial. I know all this, dearest Master, yet with the sorrow weighs on me I turn for help to the paltry things of life.

What will it matter, a few years from now, whether or not I have been popular, whether or not I have eked out of life all the pleasure it can give? But it will matter if through the pleasure and through the pain, I have kept my soul untouched by sin and pleasing in Your sight, my cherished Lord.

Lay Your hand upon my head, dearest Master, and bless my retreat. Give me the grace to drive from my mind all thought of the world. Let me spend these days retired, alone with You. Silent, too, that I may hear Your voice and listen to Your dear Will in my regard.

Beloved Guide and cherished Master, help me to realize the responsibilities of life, my responsibilities. Make me understand that I have a great work to do and that it is not by chance that I am here in this world. I am here for the sole purpose of becoming good, good as You understand goodness, not as the world would have it.

It is not by chance that I am here for this retreat. It is a time of tremendous obligation as well as of tremendous grace, of deep-searching light, and of strength to do the right, no matter what the cost.

Let it then be to me, most divine Guide, a lifelong good, the opening to a life of holiness and of familiar knowledge of the Master of light and love and unending peace.


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Cincinnati, Ohio: Ursuline Nuns, 1920. Nihil Obstat
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