Thanksgiving After Holy Communion

Dearest Jesus, once again I find myself alone with You, heart to heart with my God, my Saviour, and my King.

What can I say to You that You may know that I am happy in Your presence, happy in the love You bear me, longing to make some return for all Your goodness to me, who is cowardly and so ungenerous towards You, my dearest Lord?

What can I do to show You that I love You? What sacrifice can I make to prove to You that I wish to be like You? I hear Your dear sweet voice reply: “Be perfect”.

This is much to ask of one so weak as I, my Lord, and yet I know that if You ask it of me, You also give me Your grace, Your love, Your never-failing light that shines forever upon the model I have chosen to imitate in all its beauty and strength.

Let my life be one long study of this face so pure and good, one continuous effort to reproduce in my soul the likeness of Him who loves me with a tender, merciful love.

Grand that I may keep my eyes so fixed upon You, my dearest Lord, that Your sweet expression may become mine, Your beautiful sentiments may creep into my soul, Your tenderness, Your charity may shine in all my actions so, like You, I may “go around doing good.”

This is my resolve, to grow to be like You, my Lord. And when the days seem hard and trials difficult to bear, I shall remember, sweet Lord, that I pledged my word to You, that my life should be one constant, loving effort to become like You in thought and word and deed.


J. S. E., RABBONI: Heart to Heart Before the Tabernacle,
Cincinnati, Ohio: Ursuline Nuns, 1920. Nihil Obstat
Visits to the Blessed Sacrament: My Cherished Rabboni, pp.44-46